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One rule, however, is that you must include the following so the platform can work out where to store the data within its internal database and what to show the end user after they have submitted:

  • The area within your HTML where the form lives must be enclosed by <div id="REQUEST_SECTION"></div>
  • Your form must have the name DATA_FORM e.g.<form id="DATA_FORM">
  • The name of each input field must match the name of the field within our platform i.e. to capture the email the name of the field must be contacts_email_address e.g. <input class="required" name="contacts_email_address" type="email" />
  • You can also include a section in the HTML with the response you would like to give to the user e.g. <div id="RESPONSE_SECTION">Thank you for filling out our form.</div> which will only become visible to the user after they have clicked.