Essential Email Marketing tips for Christmas

At Christmas time email marketing retailers really need to make hay while the sun shines. However, sometimes we are so busy doing our day to day job that we don’t stop to think about the specific requirements or the bountiful opportunities Christmas offers us. What we do know is if we get it right it is a great year at the tills and if we don’t well… Download the full infographic

Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic

Graphic design is a visual language of communication and, like any language has its rules. Emails have become part of the graphic world so need to abide by these rules. UX (user experience) is also critical and respecting the principles of UX will improve the engagement of your audience. So welcome to our Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic, where we look at how design and UX can work seamlessly together.

The Email Marketing Basics

Setting up an email can be daunting for first time email marketeers and there are many things even am experienced marketeer can forget. In this infographic I try to cover some of the most important points of setting up an email campaign. Email campaign creation can take some time for people new to email marketing and there are many things you might need to remember as you create an email campaign. When first planning a campaign it is important to question your motive for sending a campaign and thinking about who is going to be receiving it. When designing an email it’s important to make it visually appealing and easy to understand. If someone else is going to code or…