Why mobile matters to your email marketing

Like it or not, using mobile devices has become second nature to us. The world is well and truly mobile. Consumers are behaving differently on smartphones and tablets, which offer different functionalities and capabilities, and for many businesses this means they could easily start to see some of their customers walk away if their mobile marketing is not up to scratch. Having a viable mobile strategy in place is essential to keeping customers coming back.   We’ve put together a few figures to illustrate why mobile very much matters in email marketing.

Quick Tip Guide: 5 Basic Tips to a good landing page

There is an art and a science to making your landing page stand out from the crowd. It is imperative that you do something to capture your audience and ultimately make them follow the call to action that you have established. It is so much more cost effective to capture and engage your target market time and again that it is to buy them with SEO, Banner Ads, PPC or any other paid for advertising. Your brilliantly designed landing page can have all the results that these marketing tactics can do and more. Here are our 5 basic tips to designing a good landing page: Headline It You used to have just two seconds to make a good first impression…